Cultivating genuine business growth

Achieving great success in an organisation is like making great wine – it takes passion, experience, discipline and patience.

Michael James cultivates strategic clarity and financial performance by up-skilling leadership, nurturing and repositioning teams to unlock human potential and optimise supply chains. Michael James improves cohesion through cultural alignment and collective empowerment, and press deeper conversations, influence relationships, and build trust, based on wiser insight and self-awareness.

Michael James

Michael James is a straight talking experienced and insightful leader in the business world, with runs-on-the-board and the know-how to cultivate strategy, culture and optimise supply chains.

RACV Leisure
Design & roll-out of mentoring programs for club members and executives.
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Nationwide Towing & Transport
Transitioned a family business into a national corporate.
Facilitating strategic cultural change through board and executive advice & mentoring.
Tennis QLD
Re-imagining vision & culture to re-define a sports icon.
Queensland Rail
Envisioned & enabled an integrated government railway to transform into various nationally competitive businesses.

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Micheal James

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Queensland Rail
  • Independent, trusted advice & mentoring support to new merger partners to ensure integration plans are mutually achieved.
  • Independently assess leadership gaps & cultural integration risks as part of due diligence & plans to address them.
  • Accelerate cultural integration through tailored interventions for individual leaders & teams across the organisation.
  • Create alignment to a one-page strategic plan (1PSP) & how to effectively monitor strategy with boards & executive teams.
  • Challenge, improve, update strategic planning processes.
  • Develop greater clarity, & sense of accountability & commitment to achieving strategic priorities.
  • Diagnostic assessments & measurement of culture change & leadership development priorities.
  • Tailored design & leadership interventions to achieve sustainable culture change.
  • Fit-for-purpose governance & best practice frameworks to enable further growth.
  • Hands-on leadership support for business owners to foster high performing executive teams & effective advisory board function.
  • Independent & objective advice on strategy, culture, & supply chain optimisation.
  • Coaching & mentoring executives & board members as needed.
  • Independently assess leadership potential & design tailored plans to accelerate the emergence of new leaders.
  • Provide leaders with unique, diagnostic insights to enhance their effectiveness in their current context.
  • Quantifiable, superior return on investment coaching & mentoring programs.
  • CEO & executive team leadership assessment & development
  • Individual & team based coaching programs, tailored to achieve real & sustainable behaviour change.
  • Mentoring programs for Clubs & organisations to activate membership, connection & culture change.

Michael James

Michael James is a cultivator of advisory boards, executive leaders, and business owners who seek greater positive impact and authentic business performance. His passion is to enable strategic progression, constructive team dynamics, superior decision making, culture evolution, deeper customer relationships, and better financial performance.

Michael James does this by deeply listening and investigating to clarify understanding, defining and addressing the real underlying issues, challenging ideals to discover better options, developing practical and pragmatic recommendations based on fit-for-purpose, best practice principles, and partnering with leaders and teams to implement results.

Let’s connect

If you are looking to learn more about how I might be able to help you, I encourage you to contact me to arrange a no-obligation discussion to assess our working fit and suitability.


Phone: 0416 279 273


Michael James is available through offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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