Michael James is a specialist in driving business success through cultivating strategy and culture. He is focused on achieving clarity and alignment to strategy through strategic advisory executive leadership coaching and mentoring, culture evolution, and expert guidance for executives and boards.

Since completing his engineering degree and Master of Business Administration (MBA), he has helped various businesses across several industries such as Mining, Transport, Engineering, Healthcare, Finance & IT, and Property clarify strategy and achieve higher performing cultures.

As a long-serving member of the inner sanctum of many executive teams and board rooms, Michael James understands the need for an ethical, independent perspective to achieve success. He provides dependable integrity with an experienced, pragmatic voice.

His professional involvement has given him a unique perspective of how a thriving corporate works. He understands the mechanics of a business, the people who make it work, and the tools required to foster healthy growth and successful performance.

Using carefully researched data and planning, Michael James identifies and delivers precise, clear roadmaps to positive goal realisation and evolutionary development on both personal and corporate levels. He ensures clear, identifiable objectives so you can be confident that his impact has a lasting, measurable effect in business. 

Michael James

Board advisor to NATIONWIDE

(Appointed 2019), national towing, transport and roadside assistance organisation


Advisor to RACV Leisure Group

(Appointed 2019), member based, national hospitality business.


Board advisor to NORTEC

(Appointed 2020), employment services community organisation.


Non-executive director, TENNIS QUEENSLAND

(Appointed 2016), member based, community, sporting organisation.


Board advisor to POWE Architects

(Appointed 2014), architectural advisory and project management organisation.


Board Advisor to AfterDark Technologies

(Appointed 2018), national IT managed services and consulting organisation.


Board Advisor to Plus Passive Fire

(Appointed 2021)

  • Non-executive chairman, GEOIMAGE (2015-2019), geospatial consulting & satellite imagery organisation.
  • Non-executive chairman, JENSEN BOWERS (2010-2019), property advisory, surveying and town planning organisation.
  • Non-executive chairman, GREEN GROUP (2016 – 2018), Property Investment and Management group, regional shopping centres and retirement villages.
  • Independent chairman, Corporate Body Systems (2014 – 2016), property body corporate organisation.
  • Board advisor, BADGE constructions (2010 – 2016), commercial and industrial design and construction, national organisation.
  • Corporate advisor to AGPAL and QIP (appointed 2012 – 2015), national health services accreditation organisation.
  • Non-executive chairman, CORE Architects (2009 – 2011), architecture organisation.
  • Corporate advisor to PLACE Design Group (2008 – 2011), urban development, design and planning organisation.
  • CEO of Napier & Blakeley – national professional services firm, quantity surveyors and tax depreciation specialists.
  • Senior Executive Cardno (ASX listed): 2007 – 2008
  • Senior Executive QR (QLD Rail – GOC): 2001 – 2004
  • Senior Executive Orica (ASX listed): 1996 – 2000.

Evolve Xtraordinary Performance is specifically focused on delivering small to medium businesses coaching and mentoring advice.

It was founded in 2004 by Michael James to help small to medium businesses corporatise and reach new heights by achieving clarity, building purpose, and effecting behavioural change in executives and business owners.

It was founded on the belief that sudden transformation is not the way to make lasting change in a business: although it can deliver change quickly, Michael’s experience is that the results are not lasting. That is why your business cannot just transform overnight. It needs to grow, mature, and evolve into its next stage.

Since its inception, Evolve has enabled various business owners of small to medium businesses to commercialise their business and create exit strategies for themselves to go onto to realising their ambitions.

To us, evolution means change that is constant and permanent, rather than quick and temporary. It is strategic, it’s time-consuming, and it takes hard work, but it also delivers lasting results that can revolutionise the way your business operates.


This is coaching within a group workshop environment where participants learn from each other and critical peer conversations are conducted. It is often complimented with individual coaching to accelerate how participants can further improve the way they work with their peers.

Team based coaching focuses on building higher levels of trust amongst team members, mastering dissent and having difficult conversations, and committing to a joint vision and strategy, clear accountability and shared ownership, and attention to joint results.

Group workshops are highly engaging, designed to build on the experience of participants and what’s required in an organisational strategy.

A thorough diagnostic assessment can often uncover what is enabling and what is hindering performance of both individual leaders and leadership teams.

Various tools are used to assess the current and desired behaviours of individuals and leadership teams as well as the context in which these leaders are performing. Our experienced consultants use the following to provide unique insights to assess leadership and cultural gaps in addition to interviews and observations of regular team meetings:

  • Leadership Circle ProfileTM
  • Collective Leadership AssessmentTM
  • Clifton Strengths Finder
  • DISC profiling
  • Lifestyles inventory
  • Leadership Impact
  • Organisational Culture Inventory
  • Organisational Effectiveness Inventory

Our leadership and cultural assessments enable us to provide a highly effective, tailored leadership development programs for individual leaders and leadership teams.

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