NORTEC is a for-purpose organisation that exists to deliver services to our community. They provide support and service that enables disadvantaged and/or unemployed people in our community to secure and sustain meaningful employment. This enhances the lives of the people and sustainability of the businesses and regions that they serve. Under contract to the Australian Government, NORTEC leads the nation for performance improvement in the delivery of jobactive.

NORTEC delivers services to more than 25,000 people each year from more than 40 locations throughout South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

We deliver leadership development programs online and in person, tailored to the context and culture of the organisation and the individuals. We use proven coaching methodologies to develop leaders in real world, practical business situations.

Michael has enabled a smooth transition of the Founder and MD (Tony Re) from the business while also avoiding potential business disruption which is often the case with a change in business ownership and leadership. He has established and developed the strategy, structure, and leadership to move the culture to a more collective, empowered, corporatised approach while preserving the agility, commercial acumen and high customer focus that are core to the ongoing success of the organisation.

Michael has developed a senior executive team including a new CEO. He has changed the way strategy and culture is defined and measured which helped the business win the Investment in People award at the annual Australian Freight Industry Awards and finalist in two other categories, Best Practice Safety, and Application of Technology..

“Michael has delivered greater confidence to the Board in the way he has provided authentic, independent, and well informed advice, He plays with a straight bat, and with the courage and conviction to call it the way it is, which is great.” (Tony Re).

Other benefits delivered:

  • Created new vision, mission, and values for future success.
  • More capable executive leadership team to deliver further growth.
  • Higher performing teams with great culture across the organisation.
  • Greater strategic planning capability as well as operational excellence.
  • Emerging leaders with higher levels of perspective to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty more effectively.
  • Ongoing professional services adapting to further cultivate and sustain strategy and culture for success.

Michael’s leadership development programs online and in person, are tailored to the context and culture of the business and to the individuals. “Michael gets people delivering results and moving in the right direction.” (Tony Re). 

Michael’s leadership coaching, and strategy facilitation and advice, has developed more effective leaders in our real world, practical business situations.

  • Smooth transition of ownership and leadership while sustaining business growth.
  • Established executive leadership team and new CEO.
  • Moved head office without loosing talent.
  • Won two Australian business awards and an Industry award.
  • New strategic plan developed including new vision, mission, values, and strategy for future success.

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NORTEC and Michael’s collaboration continues to adapt to further cultivate and sustain strategy and culture for ongoing success.

A thorough diagnostic assessment can often uncover what is enabling and what is hindering performance of both individual leaders and leadership teams.

Various tools are used to assess the current and desired behaviours of individuals and leadership teams as well as the context in which these leaders are performing. Our experienced consultants use the following to provide unique insights to assess leadership and cultural gaps in addition to interviews and observations of regular team meetings:

  • Leadership Circle ProfileTM
  • Collective Leadership AssessmentTM
  • Clifton Strengths Finder
  • DISC profiling
  • Lifestyles inventory
  • Leadership Impact
  • Organisational Culture Inventory
  • Organisational Effectiveness Inventory

Our leadership and cultural assessments enable us to provide a highly effective, tailored leadership development programs for individual leaders and leadership teams.

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