RACV Leisure Division is responsible for the travel and leisure experience provided to RACV members and the public across an extensive portfolio of holiday resort properties in Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania, as well as the City Club in Melbourne and Healesville Country Club.

The City Club mentoring program has provided members a uniquely rewarding experience to compliment the benefits of their existing membership. It is now a highly sort after opportunity that both existing and new members seek to experience.

Executive level coaching and professional strategy facilitation provide the executive team a uniquely different perspective and trusted insight on which to further improve their leadership effectiveness and alignment to strategy.

Michael James’ planning workshops create energy, passion and commitment to both our plan and our leadership priorities.


City Club Mentoring Program delivers additional value to over 200 members


Resorts deliver superior experience to members


executive team adapting to significant changes to hospitality & leisure

RACV Leisure Division and Michael’s collaboration continues to adapt to further cultivate and sustain strategy and culture for ongoing success.

A thorough diagnostic assessment can often uncover what is enabling and what is hindering performance of both individual leaders and leadership teams.

Various tools are used to assess the current and desired behaviours of individuals and leadership teams as well as the context in which these leaders are performing. Our experienced consultants use the following to provide unique insights to assess leadership and cultural gaps in addition to interviews and observations of regular team meetings:

  • Leadership Circle ProfileTM
  • Collective Leadership AssessmentTM
  • Clifton Strengths Finder
  • DISC profiling
  • Lifestyles inventory
  • Leadership Impact
  • Organisational Culture Inventory
  • Organisational Effectiveness Inventory

Our leadership and cultural assessments enable us to provide a highly effective, tailored leadership development programs for individual leaders and leadership teams.

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