A thorough diagnostic assessment of the leadership capability of executives can often uncover what is enabling and what is hindering their leadership effectiveness. Using various tools such as 360 assessments via interviews and online diagnostics, measures how executives think about themselves and gain valuable perspective from those around them.

These tools are used to assess the current and desired behaviours of individuals as well as the context in which these leaders are performing. The outcome of any evaluation is used to define actionable leadership development plans. 

Michael James knows what great leadership looks like and how to develop it. He employs  interviews and observations of regular team meetings with one or more of the following tools to assess leadership gaps and provide unique insights:


Leadership Circle Profile™

Provides an integrated and holistic view of a leader’s vertical development. 


Clifton Strengths Finder

Helps business and corporate leaders discover and leverage their greatest strengths and talents


DISC profiling

Assesses the personality profiles of business leaders and employees to improve cohesion and communication at all levels. 


Lifestyles inventory

Combines the self-assessment of an individual with feedback from others to confirm strengths, reveal blind spots, and unearth stumbling blocks.


Leadership Impact

Provides executives, managers, and corporate leaders with insight into their personal leadership strategies and their impact upon others.

Michael James’ leadership coaching and mentoring solutions are tailored to deliver practical, actionable outcomes for executives and emerging leaders to effect real change and transform their organisation’s culture and performance.

Michael James offers tailored programs for leadership teams and for individuals at executive, and senior manager, manager levels, as well as those identified as high-potential talent. Executive coaching and mentoring is particularly relevant during times of significant change such as a company merger or acquisition. 

Leadership development programs may be delivered online and in person, and are tailored to the context and culture of the organisation and the individuals. Michael James uses proven coaching methodologies to develop leaders in real world, practical business situations.

One-on-one coaching in a highly trusted, safe environment for participants to accelerate their leadership capability and learn to deliver on the current and emerging expectations of their role. 

This enables participants to build greater self-awareness of their thinking and behavioural styles, strengths, and areas for further development. Individual coaching programs are uniquely tailored, specialised, and highly effective at achieving behavioural change and superior performance.

Coaching sessions are conducted in person and online, and provide participants the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on their strengths and professional challenges.
  • Create and validate vision, purpose, and values.
  • Access assistance in developing longer-term strategies for individual and organisational success.

Participants learn how to:

  • Become more effective leaders.
  • Build high performing teams and organisational culture.
  • Create and role model vision, purpose, and values.
  • Better utilise their unique strengths.
  • Lead change effectively through various cycles of business strategy.
  • Gain higher levels of perspective to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty more effectively.
  • Further build their personal executive ‘brand.’

Michael James also facilitates coaching within a group workshop environment where participants learn from each other and critical peer conversations are conducted. Team based coaching is often complimented with individual coaching to accelerate how participants can further improve the way they work with their peers.

Michael James’ unique process for team based coaching focuses on building higher levels of trust amongst team members, mastering dissent and having difficult conversations, and committing to a joint vision and strategy, clear accountability and shared ownership, and attention to joint results.

Group workshops are highly engaging, designed to build on the experience of participants and what’s required in an organisational strategy.

A thorough diagnostic assessment can often uncover what is enabling and what is hindering performance of both individual leaders and leadership teams.

Various tools are used to assess the current and desired behaviours of individuals and leadership teams as well as the context in which these leaders are performing. Our experienced consultants use the following to provide unique insights to assess leadership and cultural gaps in addition to interviews and observations of regular team meetings:

  • Leadership Circle ProfileTM
  • Collective Leadership AssessmentTM
  • Clifton Strengths Finder
  • DISC profiling
  • Lifestyles inventory
  • Leadership Impact
  • Organisational Culture Inventory
  • Organisational Effectiveness Inventory

Our leadership and cultural assessments enable us to provide a highly effective, tailored leadership development programs for individual leaders and leadership teams.

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